In these lands, more than a hundred years ago a dream was born. From Italy, in the decade of 1870 Marcos Gamba and Catalina Saninetti arrived, both hoping for a new life.

In the year 1904 they chose Willow, more precisely part of the lands that one day belonged to our General Jose Gervasio Artigas, to build your home and start what is now our winery.

With determination and love, started with their first vine plantations, growing little by little, They count that they planted twenty rows per year, finished the first painting just in 1906. Later they ventured to the elaboration of the first wines, with the knowledge and tradition that they brought from their homeland. Taking your wine to every corner of the country, they knew the landscapes, people, traditions and they were increasingly loving the place that gave them the opportunity to settle and live as a family.

The legacy of Marcos and Catalina was continued by their son Agustín Gamba Saninetti, with his wife Celia Soca, who worked tirelessly to continue nurturing the dream of seeing the winery grow. Work later continued by his son Walter Gamba, who from childhood was learning the art of grapes and wine. Later he shared his project and passion with his wife Estrella Mary Cabrera, giving continuity to the family tradition.

Walter and mary, parents and grandparents of those who currently run the winery, they worked as a family with their children, showing them the way to continue forging together the enthusiasm for wine and the cultivation of the vine. They always bet to continue advancing and innovating around the family life project.

And so, working together since they were little, we grew… How not to love this place, that today is our home? Here we were born, grown up and learned much of what we know about wine and vine.

Today more than a hundred years and five generations, the dream is still intact, with the same love and passion for wine.

Parents, sons, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, we live and work, with great pride, around this legacy of dedication and respect for viticulture that our ancestors left us.

We invite you to taste our wines, the symbol of a dream fulfilled.

-Gamba family-